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History Today at Averett 

History Today at Averett is a podcast based on the families and communities of the Danville area. 


The first series (fall 22) features research of the students in the upper-level history course at Averett, Europe during the World Wars. Each student in the class carried out an oral history of the experiences, memories, and knowledge of their family or community related to our semester’s topic (Europe’s war years). They interviewed family members and researched their communities to prepare a final writeup. We worked collectively as researchers through the semester, sharing our work in in-class discussion. The final products are the History Today at Averett podcast episodes presented below. Students work with the professor on recording and editing their episode. They learn the basics of podcasting and audio recording along the way.

In spring 2023, we'll be launching our second series. Students from the upper-level history course Europe in the Postwar will investigate the Cold War and its impact on the Danville-area community. 


fall 2022

Season 1 IntroductionHistory Today at Averett
00:00 / 04:44

Colby Morris
He died from the injuries he
sustained during the war

Research project on John Raynes

S01 E01 - Colby Morris History Today at Averett
00:00 / 17:57
S01 E02 - Tanner Bray - History Today at Averett
00:00 / 14:25

Tanner Bray

Research project on William
Gerald Campbell

Jeanna Cook

Nyjal Ehirim

Cliresa Hall

Research project on Willie Torian

Catherine Carter

Research project on Ernest Vernon Carter

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