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Manuscript in Progress: 


Stalinism on Trial: Communism and Republican Justice in the Spanish Civil War (under contract with Sussex Academic Press, forthcoming 2020)


Chapters in edited volumes:


“The View from Spain: Perceptions of the Russian Revolution on the Communist Left during the Spanish Civil War,” in The Legacy of the Russian Revolution (American Philosophical Society, forthcoming 2020).


“The Claws of Stalinism in Spain: Totalitarianism and the Spanish Civil War,” in The Holocaust Metaphor: Cultural Representations of Trauma in the 20th Century, eds. Chiara Tedaldi and Anna Rosenberg (Peter Lang, forthcoming 2020 ).




 “‘Trotskyists on Trial’: Defining Spanish Republican Antifascism in the Spanish Civil War,” EuropeNow 7 (November 2017).  

 “Exporting Stalin's show trial? Performing justice in the Spanish Civil War," Studies in Slavic Cultures XII, Pop and Propaganda (July 2015): 55-106.


 “A Moscow Trial in Spain? Soviet Intervention in the Spanish Civil War and the Politics of Memory,” Perspectives on Europe, Vol. 43, No. 1 (Spring 2013).

 “Negrín’s hidden trove: opening of the private archive of the last Prime Minister of the Spanish Republic,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh (March 2016). 


 “George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War: Notes from the Barcelona Archives,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh (April 2014) 


 “International Communism and Republican Jurisprudence in the Spanish State Building Project, 1936-1939,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh.



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