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Publications and links:

Manuscript in Progress


Stalinism on Trial: Communism and Republican Justice in the Spanish Civil War (forthcoming Liverpool University Press, forthcoming 2024)


Chapters in edited volumes:


“The View from Spain: Perceptions of the Russian Revolution on the Communist Left during the Spanish Civil War,” in The Legacy of the Russian Revolution (American Philosophical Society, forthcoming 2024).


Links to articles:


 “‘Trotskyists on Trial’: Defining Spanish Republican Antifascism in the Spanish Civil War,” EuropeNow 7 (November 2017).  

 “Exporting Stalin's show trial? Performing justice in the Spanish Civil War," Studies in Slavic Cultures XII, Pop and Propaganda (July 2015): 55-106.


 “A Moscow Trial in Spain? Soviet Intervention in the Spanish Civil War and the Politics of Memory,” Perspectives on Europe, Vol. 43, No. 1 (Spring 2013).

 “Negrín’s hidden trove: opening of the private archive of the last Prime Minister of the Spanish Republic,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh (March 2016). 


 “George Orwell and the Spanish Civil War: Notes from the Barcelona Archives,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh (April 2014) 


 “International Communism and Republican Jurisprudence in the Spanish State Building Project, 1936-1939,” EUCE/ESC Newsletter, University of Pittsburgh.


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