University Teaching Experience: 


University Appointments:

Averett University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2019-2020):

  • Soviet Russia​​​ (upper-level course)

  • Western Civilization II​​ (survey lecture)

  • Western Civilization II (survey lecture)

  • US History to 1877 (survey lecture)

  • US History since 1865 (survey lecture)

Penn State Behrend, Assistant Teaching Professor (2018-2019):

  • Medieval and Modern Russia​ (lecture)

  • Europe since 1848 (lecture)

  • History of Global Communism​ (lecture)

  • Western Civilization II (since 1500) (lecture)

University of Miami, Visiting Assistant Professor (2017-2018):

  • Europe & the World in Modern Times (world history lecture)

  • Making History: Texts, Contexts, and Revolutions (methodology seminar)

  • The Spanish Civil War & Europe (graduate and upper-level seminar)

  • Modern Spain (lecture)​

  • The Birth of Modernity: Europe, 1648 to Present (survey lecture)

Other experience:

University of Pittsburgh (2010-2014):

Spring 2014 - Grader and Lecturer with Dr. Bernard Hagerty, “France, Spain, and Italy in the 20th Century,” University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this upper level course, I managed teaching duties for 80 students and gave all of the lectures for the Spain in the 20th century section of the course.

  • Themes adressed included comparative modernization, authoritarianism, and the development of transnational socialist and fascist networks.


Fall 2013 - Teaching Fellow for Dr. Patrick Manning, “World History," University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this course of 160, I was responsible for guiding recitations and managing 80 students in four separate weekly recitation sections. 

  • Students were introduced to the foundational ideas and texts of the field of World History, as well as World History methodologies developed since the field emerged.

  • Course goal was to develop interpretive and analytical skills in studying human interaction from the local level to the global.

  • Course covered humanity from 200,000 BCE to 2000 CE, with the themes of Gender, Inequality, and Migration, as well as Africa as a pole of world historical development


Spring 2013 - Instructor and Lecturer (stand-alone course), “Soviet Russia," University of Pittsburgh.


  • I designed and taught this course as my own. I was responsible for lectures, discussions, grading, and exams for 40 students.

  • Aside from the regional focus on Soviet Russia, the course had both a thematic and conceptual focus. Thematically, it focused on the logic of Marxism (or later Marxism-Leninism), and how it served to justify the Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent events in Soviet History. Its conceptual focus originated in my own training in "Texts & Contexts", which operates according to the principle that the texts of any historical event, be they documents, songs, video, art, architecture, etc., always occur in a specific context of production and are subsequently read in specific contexts of perception, and that these two speech acts may be contradictory. This approach allowed us to understand communism and anticommunism in their respective contexts of production and reception.


Fall 2012 - Grader for Dr. Liann Tsoukas, “U.S. History since 1945,” University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this course, I was responsible for grading and other assistant duties for 80 students. Additionally, I gave methodological and technical writing lectures.

  • The course focused on the United States after WWII, and in particular on the civil rights movement, race in the United States, and the study of gender in US history.


Fall 2011 - Teaching Assistant for Dr. William Chase, “Soviet Russia,” University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this course, I was responsible for both grading and facilitating four weekly discussion sections for a total of 80 students.

  • We focused on Construction and Destruction as a conceptual framework for understanding Soviet history and the role of the USSR in global politics.


Spring 2011 - Teaching Assistant for Dr. Rob Ruck, “U.S. History II,” University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this course, I was responsible for both grading and four weekly discussion sections for a total of 80 students.

  • The course covered U.S. history from 1865 to 2000, with an eye towards emphasizing transnational and global developments in economy, culture, and sport. 


Fall 2010 & Spring 2012 - Teaching Assistant for Dr. Leslie Hammond, “Western Civilization II,” University of Pittsburgh.


  • In this course, I was responsible for both grading and four weekly discussion sections for a total of 80 sutdents.

  • The thematic organization of the course addressed intellectual history and competing ideas of freedom and liberty in Europe from 1600 to 1945. It departed from the standard Western Civilization framework by blending political philosophy with history.


Non-history teaching experience:


I served as an academic counselor and adviser to undergraduate students at Eastern Kentucky University, for the Student Support Service NOVA program. I have also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad on two occasions. 


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